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Legacy Planning

Referrals from leading planning professionals are the primary building blocks of our practice. They include: Trust and Estate Attorneys, Family Lawyers, Private Banks and Trust Companies, Accounting Firm Tax Partners, and Family Offices.

CBG works with your professional tax and legal advisors to create uniquely tailored life insurance portfolios. We work closely with our clients to facilitate a number of wealth transfer strategies that minimize the impact of gift and estate taxes.

Specifically, our team specializes in: 

  • Review, Design, and Financing Options for Life Insurance Policies
  • Tax-Oriented Planning utilizing Life Insurance Strategies that can deliver estate and income tax efficiencies
  • Business Succession/Key Man Planning for Businesses
  • Funding of Buysell Agreements with Life and Disability Insurance

Life insurance is a dynamic asset in an ever-changing and fluid economy. All too often insurance policies are purchased and then immediately filed away. An insurance portfolio should provide the flexibility to adapt to client goals and needs as they change over time. Periodic policy reviews are just as important as periodic reviews of your investment portfolio.

Market fluctuations and the extended low interest rate environment have adversely affected insurance policy performance. Policyowners are often unaware of the true impact.  We believe in the concept of proactive management of insurance portfolios that analyzes the performance and detects dangers that may be unseen by clients and their advisors.

For those clients with existing insurance or advisors who serve as trustees, we recommend an Insurance Audit.  We provide a thorough review of the entire insurance portfolio based on current funding levels, as well as funding required to sustain the coverage based on the client's current goals.  In addition, we offer a comparison to marketplace alternatives, which can be more cost-effective than the older generation of products.  This valuable process provides confidence to our clients and their advisors, as we bring clarity and insight to an often overlooked asset class.

The Insurance Audit is a hallmark of our practice and we offer this service free of charge to our existing clients, to the advisor community and to their clients as well.