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Wealth Advisory

We assist you with the Accumulation and Distribution of your hard earned assets. You may have a Need to Grow assets to achieve financial independence, or you may Need an Income stream from existing investments. Our combined experience exceeds 50 years of helping clients manage their wealth through volatile market cycles. 

At CBG, we understand there are several different options when it comes to managing your wealth. In choosing us, you are backed by a team of financial professionals dedicated to improving your financial status, navigating you through the steps to achieve your financial goals.

We believe in creating a custom investment portfolio based on a thorough understanding of your personal financial goals. Portfolio strategies and investment decisions are chosen from a variety of asset allocation approaches to ensure the portfolio addresses your concerns and works to improve your situation. We are non-biased and committed to recommend the best choices for you.

Financial Analysis

Through our discovery process, we will gather information regarding your current financial position and goals; determine your specific needs, whether Accumulation or Distribution; and assess any financial challenges you may face to help you overcome them. We use this knowledge to understand your core values and priorities to create the risk/return profile that best reflects your risk tolerance.

Market Volatility

Historically, the stock market has faced many different periods when deep-rooted economic trends have dominated market returns for several years. With this in mind, we are able to assess the current market based on historical events that will help formulate our recommendations and shape your personal portfolio.

How We Build a Tailored Portfolio for Different Markets

Bull Markets are captured using Strategic and Tactical Constrained asset allocation approaches.

Bear Markets, require more active management and are navigated using Tactical Unconstrained and Absolute Return approaches.

Unpredictable Markets can be tricky, but these four approaches can help figure it out. Whether we combine them or use a single approach, they will ease financial decisions and help create a tailored portfolio just for your situation.  Below is a brief description of these different approaches.

Strategic Portfolio: Designed to track broader markets by using a TARGET mix of equities, fixed income, and cash.

Tactical Constrained Portfolio: Offers FLEXIBILITY to make MODERATE ALLOCATION SHIFTS designed to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities or mitigate risks, while still based on a target mix

Tactical Unconstrained Portfolio: REMOVES THE LIMITS on the extent and frequency of allocation shifts with no target mix, allowing for a MORE AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE TO CHANGES IN MARKET OR SECTOR OUTLOOK.

Absolute Return Portfolio: Utilizing fixed-income securities and highly-active, EXTREMELY RISK SENSITIVE MANAGEMENT that may include alternative asset classes, this approach SEEKS MODEST RETURNS AND IS DESIGNED NOT TO CORRELATE WITH THE BROADER MARKETS.

Client Review Meetings

Your investments will be reviewed with you periodically, depending on your financial situation and investment objectives. Your investment portfolio is formulated based on your information and your answers to various questions showing your specific ideals. The choices of investments will be based on your entire investment portfolio, including investments you may have with other advisors so we avoid overlapping strategies. There can be no guarantee on attainment of the goals or investment objectives.